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With the recent CoVid pandemic and growing depression worldwide, there is an immense need to present our youth with healthier and colorful life. We aim to provide a well-regulated project to ensure that our youth remains happy and healthy while preserving the essence and longevity of the brand.

We are a Vancouver headquartered company which aims to drive growth through productivity, both at the personal and team level, and ultimately at the corporate level. This is in accordance with the growing sports and health initiatives throughout Canada. Strategically, we focus on daily tasks and chores, meanwhile never losing sight of tomorrow. While doing this we are planting seeds of the future growth by providing top-notch skills training to the youth, both men and women, to show their potential. As part of our setup, we have launched this sports brand named as Pacific Futsal that will work on a model which is interoperable, efficient, and revolutionary.

The concept of our project will revolve around proactivity and innovation for the benefits of youth and our society as a whole. We are fully committed to our mission of producing mentally and physically prepared group of young people powered by a brand that is epitome of quality and eccentricity.

With an innovative and diverse marketing strategy and an entrepreneurship leadership with a skillful team Pacific Futsal is destined to have a successful launch. So be part of this innovative and exciting initiative, as our idea is unique, our plan is flawless, and we have a devoted team that can execute the plan perfectly.

Pacific Futsal is a sports brand that seeks to grow and create value through unique and proactive way of coaching to help youth to enhance their skills and potential. We are an indoor multipurpose facility established in Surrey, British Columbia.

Our company will provide the best skills training for futsal players in Vancouver, BC. To ensure the highest standards we will involve former athletes. We will have arrangements with professional athletes to help teach the true fundamentals and details of futsal to the youth. As a sporting brand we will provide all the futsal accessories needed to look good while playing the game we all love. We are also looking to rent out our facility for other sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, and Dancing classes.

We are a passionate team who are not only thinking about becoming a renowned brand in Vancouver, but our teamwork, cohesion and spirit are inspired by the opportunity of realizing ourselves through achievement of producing a healthy and skillful youth to shape the future of our society.

We’re also planning to provide support and assistance to local sports teams and sponsor them to give them an opportunity of growth that they lacked till now. We will look for teams that have common goals and objectives and that will lead to mutual trust and will provide an atmosphere to utilize our potential at max.


Pacific Futsal Center 12082 90 Ave unit 103, Surrey, BC V3V 1B6





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