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  • 5 V 5 (4+1)




  • $950 (TAX INCLUDED)


All teams wishing to FSL Competitions, must complete in full and sign a Membership Registration Form. The player registration section on the Membership form must include the details of all players’ who will be participating in the FSL Competition. A Team Captain (or team contact) must be identified to serve as the main point of contact who will be advised of game times, news and other important information. A secondary team contact is also required to ensure your team is contactable if the Team Captain is unavailable. It is the team’s responsibility to notify the Competition Manager if the Team Captain changes or will be unavailable.

If you have signed up for the season you will play a game each week as per the fixtures provided by contact or posted on our  Website, unless otherwise informed.

Signing the Player Membership or Team Registration Form is a formal commitment to abide by all of FSL Competition Laws.

Teams currently participating in a competition must submit a new Registration form at the end of each season to confirm their re-entry for the next season. 

Game Play
• 20 minutes each half.

• 12 Week Schedule Minimum - Extra Games for Playoffs (Semi and Grand Final)

Futsal Shoes at all times.
Shinpads - Note that players without shinpads will not be allowed to play.
Please read FIFA Rules.


Match fees must be paid in full before the competition starts. FSL Staff will only accept full payment. You must present your receipt to the Competition Manager on the courts prior to your game. 


Players must be registered with South Renfrew FC / Pacific Futsal to play in Futsal Social League.

• All teams are reminded of the following rules associated with fill-in players


• A player can only be registered for one team in the FSL.

• All fill-in players must record their first and last name on the match scoresheet.

• Fill-in players will pay $20 fee per game.


• Each Team will select 2 colors at the start of the competition. 

• SRFC will always have pinnies to assist.  


Age restrictions apply to all competitions and are as follows:

• Players under the age of 14 years are not permitted to play in FSL.

• Players 14+ years of age are required to have a parent or guardian present while they compete in our competitions. A waiver provided by one of our staff members must be signed before the game.


Score sheets are to be given to the referee and completed in full before your game commences. The following information is required:

• Full names
• Shirt number if applicable

• Score Sheets must be signed by Captain from each team after the game.​


The clock will start at the fixtured time regardless of whether the team is ready or not. Give or take 5 minutes by referees discretion only.

Minimum number of 3 players required to start the match. If teams are not ready for the fixture/ referee start times the following penalties will apply:

• 1 goal for every minute of game time teams are not ready on-court (to a maximum of 5 goals).

After 10 minutes of the game time elapsing, the official will declare the game a forfeit if a team cannot field the minimum amount of players to start the game. The non-offending team will be awarded a forfeit win. The team that cannot field the minimum amount of players will be deemed to have forfeited with less than 24 hours’ notice and the applicable forfeit fee will be applied.


Playing social sport comes with its own risk; players are usually not training, warming up or stretching before their games, therefore injuries are, unfortunately, common. Players play at their own risk.

The officials will try their best to prevent forceful contact between players, but this still may happen due to the competitive nature of the game. If a serious injury does occur SRFC / Pacific Futsal staff will do their best to assess and treat the injured player. If, in the opinion of the Competition Manager or official that a player is not fit to continue playing (e.g. concussion or bloody injury) they have the right to ask the player not to continue or the game will not re-start. Always seek expert medical advice if an injury is sustained. Play to your limits and do not push your body, please warm-up before your game to help prevent any injuries from occurring. There is no time between games for quick warm-ups but sometimes there may be space available in other areas so please take advantage of this.


This is a friendly and timely reminder about sportsmanship, player/team conduct and fair play:

• All Team Captains are responsible for the conduct of its members and supporters when in the venue.
• Teams who do not control their members and spectators will face sanctions and possible expulsion from the competition if not adhered to.

• Players are to be neat, tidy and well presented.

• Be courteous and respectful to all players and officials.
• At all times play within the spirit of the game.

• If a player is suspected of being intoxicated, through alcohol or illegal drug use, they will not be allowed to play at that time and will be banned from future competitions.
• If a player gives a false name to an official or supervisor, or plays under a different name than what is written on the team sheet, sanctions may apply to the relevant player and team.
• There is zero tolerance towards abusive, verbal and physical violence. Players may be evicted and in extreme cases, the police called. All players and spectators are responsible for their behaviour and could risk being banned from all FSL Competitions in serious cases of abusive behaviour.
• All players and spectators must follow FSL Code of conduct.


An official warning a player indicates that they are dissatisfied with your conduct on court, be it;

• Verbal or physical abuse of a player, Referee/ Official or spectator
• Players will receive a verbal warning to the individual player or the whole team by the Referee
• If infringements keep persisting the second step is to remove the player from the court for the rest of the game. A suspension and penalties may apply

CONTACT US ON: or 604 318-5902

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